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Monstrum II is a procedural multiplayer horror labyrinth where a group of survivors must escape a deranged experiment on a decrepit 70’s sea fortress whilst evading the horror lurking within.


A direct multiplayer sequel to the highly appraised roguelike horror game “Monstrum”; players must utilize and adapt to a dynamic, open ended playground of horror, all of which is randomized each playthrough. Whether you choose to play as the survivors, or one of the deadly oceanic monstrosities hunting them down, it’s down to you to tactically exploit the different environmental challenges generated each match.


Whether you’re using scavenged items to access hidden routes; brutally smashing through destructible objects or climbing the environment to ambush your pray; working cooperatively with your fellow survivors to reach important equipment, or going solo and hiding to gracefully avoid detection; there are countless solutions to the ever-changing challenges ahead.



Monstrum II will launch on PC late 2020, with plans for consoles release to follow.

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Q: Will you require an internet connection to play Monstrum 2?

A: Yes, there is no offline mode planned for launch.


Q: How much will Monstrum II cost?

A: The base game will need to be purchased to play. We will be releasing multiple pricing tiers starting with the base game scaling up to the game with full season passes and bonus cosmetic content'


Q: Is there a single player mode?

A: Our team are focusing on creating the best multiplayer experience possible for release but we may include single player content in future updates'

Q: What monsters will be available at launch

A: It’s a surprise! The iconic “Brute” along with a few other new monsters will be available during launch.

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